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Before joining Microsoft, I started my career in the Huaqiangbei electronics district of Shenzhen, China, where I helped develop the user interfaces of robotic tutors for a local edtech start-up.

It was here that I first developed an understanding of the varied applications of artificial intelligence, and a passion for digital fabrication, the worldwide maker movement, and a spirit of openness in innovation.

These lessons are brought to bear in each of my technical projects. Today, that means serving some of Microsoft's most valued customers as a mercenary Software Engineer driving the adoption of the company's earliest technologies. With interests including space exploration, Deep Learning, and innovation in Human Computer Interaction, who knows what tomorrow will bring.


A Maker

First and foremost, Mason is a software developer specialising in custom applications of machine learning, with an upcoming research project combining computer vision and machine translation.

As a member of the AI and Machine Learning Software Engineering team in Microsoft's CSE division, Mason travels frequently to aid customers in leadership and collaborative roles worldwide - notably the USA, Turkey, France, South Africa, and Ireland.

A Founder

Not only did Mason lead his university's student media site and business society in the same year, as their respective Digital Editor-in-Chief and Vice President, he left his mark. Founding Redbrick Gaming has brought one of the oldest student publications in England into the 21st century with up-to-date coverage and multimedia content. Alumni have since gone on to work at publications such as Eurogamer.

A Fan

In various articles, Mason has chronicled and commented on the progress of technological innovation, from giants like Tesla, to his experiences in China's entrepreneurial Maker community. He also recently started a blog of his own.


  • Machine Learning

  • Information Security

  • Electronics and IoT

  • Industry 4.0

  • Post-quantum

  • Human-Computer Interfaces & Accessibility

What's next?

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